Exclusive PHD safe wax system used by qualified therapist.  Share your Secret not your wax


Eye brows                                £5.00                                   

Top Lip                                    £3.50

Chin                                         £5.50

Under Arm                               £9.00

 Bikini                           from -  £13.50

Full Arm                                   £12.50

Half Forearm                           £8.50

Full Leg                                    £17.00

Half Leg                                   £12.00                                               

Back                             from  - £25.00 

Chest & Abdomen      from  - £16.00






Eye Treatments -24hour Allergy skin test required

Eyelash & Brow tint                  £13.50

Eye brow Tint & Shape             £11.50

                                                    Eyelash Tint                              £8.50

                                                    Eyebrow Tint                            £6.50

                                                    False Lashes      strip/individual  £15.00 per set

Natural Nail Treatments

Shape, file and re-paint                           £10.00                                                               

Male Manicure                                       £12.50


Full Manicure – Fragrant hand soak, cuticle care, nail file shape, and sublime hand massage with aromatic oils & polish   £15.50         

Deluxe Manicure – Fragrant hand soak, cuticle care, nail file shape, sensuous exfoliation, sumptuous mask, sublime arm & hand massage with aromatic oils including  polish           £20.50 

Gelcolor by OPI manicure                       £25.00


French Polish                                      £3.50

Feet Treatments -Please bring open-toed shoes when having a pedicure with polish

Silver Spa Pedicure – A refreshing foot soak cuticle care, nail file shape, exfoliation to remove dead skin, foot massage with aromatic oils including polish.                                            £17.50                          

Gold Spa Pedicure – Soul soak , cuticle care, nail file and shape, heavenly scrub to stimulate and soften rough skin, serene mask ,divine leg and foot massage with aromatic oils  including polish.                                                       £23.50

Callus Peel - A skin softening patch is wrapped around the bottom of the foot to soften the skin, a scraper is then used to peel off the dead skin callus (extreme callus will reqire two treatments)                                                           £25.00

Gelcolor by OPI Pedicure - foot soak, cuticle care, nail tidy, exfoliation, foot massage including gelcolor polish.                                        £27.00                


Face Treatments   - Recreate and maintain the skins natural balance, health and vitality.  Indulge mind body and senses with an exotic mix of 100% natural aromas.ish.age with


Silver Facial - Balancing facial for combination / oily skin, double cleanse, toner, exfoliator, balancing treatment to equalize and decongest complexion, balancing face mask and moisturiser.                                            £26.00

Gold Facial - rejuvenate tired and dull skin double cleanse, toner, exfoliator, brightening serum, rejuvenating treatment to help reduce fine lines and the appearance of premature ageing, nourishing face mask , moisturiser and eye gel.                                                                        £33.00

Platinum Facial -Collagen based facial to plump the skin to minimise fine lines and wrinkles to the face and neck.  Double cleanse, toner, exfoliator, radiance face mask and collagen eye pack applied soothing on dry tired eyes,                                                               £42.00





Full Body Spray tan           £20.00

Tan Solutions Professional Airbrush Tanning System, contains natural ingredients and provides a quick drying colour with out cheemical odour.  Achieve a natural , deep, long lasting, luxurious and perfectly safe tan.

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