THE ORB It's for warming all your facial oils and balms, making them 'oh so' much more delicious to use and much more effective too!


JANE SCRIVNER BALANCE range, hot towels, natural sponges, warm oils and soft brushes.  Deeply cleansing, deeply nourishing and extremely relaxing.  JANE SCRIVNER BALANCE products are organic, natural and designed by Jane herself to give your skin the professional touch it deserves

Balancing Body and Facial Treatment applied with The Orb               £70


JANE SCRIVNER BALANCE is formulated using only pure essential oils and Jojoba oil.  It has been kept as simple as possible but is extremely effective in nourishing and regenerating skin.  The range trusts that the blend of 9 essential oils and the golden oil of Jojoba is the ultimate combination to bring your skin to perfect balance.


…Research has proven that Jojoba oil possesses the six general factors which increase permeation and absorption into the skin, low viscosity, high unsaturation, low saponification, short carbon chain length, low lecithin (Jojoba oil has no lecithin), straight chain molecule and branched esters!………. basically this means that it will absorb beautifully and work on all layers of the skin.  It does not feel sticky or oily.


…….Jojoba Oil reduces the two most important causes of premature aging - dryness and lipid perioxidation. Its' moisturising properties enhance the flexibility and suppleness of the skin.  It feels smooth to use and its ability to absorb instantly leaves a rich velvety after-feel, very indulgent but simplicity itself.



Jojoba increases elastin production, giving greater elasticity and greater skin luster.  Jojoba encourages skin regeneration, prevents inflammation and produces cell stimulation.


Jojoba does not have a rancidity reading (doesn't go off) and five of the most common bacteria are not able to grow in Jojoba oil, leading to clearer, cleaner skin. 


Jojoba is actually a wax ester, not a true oil.  It is amazing for fine lines and wrinkles.  From about 20 years of age, the wax esters in our skin deteriorate – their job is to retain moisture and keep skin smooth and elastic.  Using Jojoba can help maintain these levels of moisture and elasticity.  Jojoba has been known to fight wrinkles, it leaves a protective layer that holds water in and at the same time it penetrates the skins structure to smooth the lines and leave the skin supple and soft – reducing scars and stretch marks.


Jojoba is also brilliant for both dry, dehydrated and oily skin, which to some is a contradiction in terms.  Jojoba penetrates deep and merges with the skins natural oils, tricking the skin to reduce or increase – to regulate - the production of sebum, again, perfectly balancing.

BALANCE essential oils have also all been chosen for their skin nourishing and balancing properties.



YLANG YLANG, used for oily to normal skin, good for reducing high blood pressure, relieving stress, helping reduce anxiety, calming and relaxing and beautifully floral. 

ELEMI is exceptional for more mature skin.

EUCALYPTUS, very antiseptic, helpful with cold sores and generally increases and stimulates circulation, feeding fresh blood to the skin.

FRANKINCENSE is used for reducing scars and stretch marks.  It is both calming and antiseptic. 

LEMONGRASS works on comedones (blocked pores) and especially good for balancing oily skin.  It is both a tonic and stimulating. 

LAVENDER is famously soothing and antibacterial.  It works to reduce scars and stimulates the growth of new skin cells, it is also anti inflammatory, reducing puffiness. 

MYRRH, fabulous for chapped skin and weather damaged skin.  Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory and a great all round skin healer. 

SWEET ORANGE brightens dull skin and can be an antidepressant. 

SANDALWOOD is a tonic and good for use on sensitive skin.  It is very balancing and as such, good for dry and dehydrated skin as well as oily and acne skins.  It is also very soothing.



Essential oils have emotional and energetic qualities as well as physical ones.  These 9 oils are combined to enhance self-esteem, self-image and self-awareness, increase focus and alertness, and to boost concentration, positivity, creativity and contentment – how balanced is that?


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